Cloud Storage

CSI Box is Chinasoft International’s cloud storage solution, focusing on the enterprise informatization problems like mobile office difficulty, cooperation and sharing difficulty, data ownership confusion and security control deficiency, and creating a professional one-stop cloud-based file management platform for enterprises. CSI Box has been applied in sectors as financel, real estate, education, automobile and communication, and has received recognition in cooperation with HUAWEI, China Merchants Bank, Vanke, ICBC Asia and DHAC.

Cloud Migration

Cloud migration helps users migrate the data and applications from hardware devices to the cloud or other storage platforms safely and rapidly. It helps users migrate the website data and applications to the cloud server and complete the basic environment configuration. The database could be copied, backed up and migrated rapidly without interruption and it brings the cloud to the user rapidly and simply.

Cloud Operation and Maintenance

We can provide 7*24h professional system operation, maintenance and hosting service for users’ cloud service and cloud system, help the user maintain the cloud system’s stable operation to prevent service lag, system crash or server crash, and provide users with professional solutions in site, database and system configuration and optimization.

Cloud Security

Cloud security service provide users with mass real data tests centering on the system performance on the cloud to verify the maximum tolerable pressure of the system. By simulating uses’ real business operation requests, the service identifies the maximum tolerable pressure of the system and provides specific system optimization and monitoring solutions. It tests and analyzes (in different dimensions) mass real data based on the actual service process of the system in order to identify the potential critical performance bottlenecks in the service process.

Mixed Cloud

CSI has professional senior cloud computing architect and engineer teams, which can help users construct a mixed cloud project, including network isolation, security group configuration, multi-network transmission, service migration, security reinforcement and network optimization. We provide virtual private line service based on the core network architecture (SuperNET) of the data center to achieve secure interworking between the private cloud and public cloud and cooperative working among the public cloud, private cloud and physical architecture (multi-service interworking).

Private Cloud

We can provide one-stop private cloud (resident cloud) service ranging from construction plan design and hardware device selection to system debugging, service migration and cloud operation and maintenance, allowing users to benefit from convenient construction and use of the resident cloud. Our professional team provides the consultation and architecture design service regarding planning, implementation and optimization of the private cloud server room, designs reasonable cloud architecture for users based on the actual service requirements and provides services including hardware device installation and optimization, network environment construction, cloud OS installation.

Virtual Private Cloud (exclusive cloud)

Virtual private cloud (exclusive cloud) is a completely controllable private cloud partition logically isolated from the public cloud. The user has the full independent administration right to the private cloud partition, including defining the IP address range, network segment, routing table and gateway. Through logic isolation technology for two-layer network, it can help users construct an isolated virtual network on the public cloud, control all of its configurations based on business requirements ensure the security of private network through advanced security technologies as security group and network access control list.